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Construction Solutions
Industrial Solutions

We have prefabricated and/or custom-made window lines, with high quality aluminum for commercial, industrial and residential use.

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Our network of retail stores satisfies the aluminum market through more than 70 stores nationwide.

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We have a network of nine stores in the Mexico City metropolitan area and Puebla to cover the industrial sector’s needs.

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We produce and sell aluminum, fiberglass, steel and wooden ladders offering a large range of solutions for commercial, professional and industrial

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We have 4 Service Centers strategically distributed throughout the country with high tech equipment for leveling and cutting and the largest inventory in Mexico of products and alloys to provide the highest level of service and quality.

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We offer standard and special size sheets of Aluminum and Stainless Steel as needed by each project, thus optimizing our client’s processes for production and profitability. We have a large variety of alloys and thicknesses: thin (sheets) and thick (plates).

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We have a wide variety of Aluminum rolls in various presentations, Natural, Pre-painted, Anti slip, Stucco among others and Stainless Steel in different finishes and thicknesses; thus, satisfying the majority of our customers’ needs.

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It has the property of protection against humidity, filtration and maintaining temperature. Domestically it is used to conserve foods and industrially as a thermal insulator. We have high quality materials that satisfy both markets thus supplying our customers with a wide variety of sizes and alloys.

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Industries We Serve

Strategically positioned for the production of goods for intermediate and end use, Cuprum serves to diverse sectors; with profiles for the construction industry and monumental work, added value profiles and mold injected aluminum for the automotive industry, lighting, climate and solar energy, ladders for professional and domestic use, sheet products for the transportation, food and electrical appliances among others.

Distribution of profile, sheet and plate of steel and aluminum

Home appliances

Solar energy

Hardware and Specialized Chains

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