We are a Mexican company founded in 1948 in Monterrey, Mexico dedicated to transforming and commercializing aluminum.

With more than 60 years of experience in the industry, we have become the largest aluminum extruder in Latin America. With the support of a solid team we have been able to consolidate our leadership in Mexico in the production of ladders and prefabricated windows and in the commercialization of aluminum foil through the nation’s largest chain of stores, and abroad as the most important ladder marketer in Canada and Latin America, and in the United States as the second most relevant.


Provide innovative aluminum solutions exceeding our customers, shareholders and employees expectations, in a cost-effective and sustainable way, based on continuous improvement


Be the leading business group in the market for aluminum solutions. The way to achieve this is through a strong scale of values based on integrity, customer orientation, leadership, collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement, quality of life as well as efficiency and effectiveness.


The company has its corporate headquarters in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and operates production and processing plants, distribution centers and stores in Mexico, as well as assembly plants in Canada, distribution centers in the United States, a sales office in Peru and a procurement office in China

Commercial presence in more than 40 countries and more than 6,000 employees.


The history of Cuprum has been guided by an organic and inorganic
growth strategy in order to reach the necessary scale to become a central player in the Mexican aluminum market.


Cuprum is divided into:

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    We are dedicated to the extrusion and casting of aluminum for profiles production. This division transforms the profiles into windows, it also distributes the profiles to the other business units for different solutions and products. It as well, supervises the distribution and commercialization of profiles through our own network of stores which provides services to final consumers

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    We serve the industry with specialized requirements of aluminum shapes. We customize the profiles we receive from Construction Solutions through cutting, bending, punching (drilling) and machining (clean finished) processes, and with die casting technology we produce accurately dimensioned, sharply defined, smooth or textured-surface aluminum parts.

    This division also assists its customers through nine points specialized in the industry.

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    We specialize in designing and manufacturing ladders with supplies received mainly from Construction Solutions for sale in Mexico, United States and Canada.

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    We complement the offer for industrial customers in the flat metals segment. In this unit we commercialize flat products purchased from third parties, transformed with added value, adapted to our customers’ specifications.


The aluminum industry is divided into the following segments:


Activities related to mining and metallurgy.


Aluminum casting into different alloys.


Creation of consumer products.

Cuprum is strategically positioned in the production of goods for intermediate and final use vertically integrated from the midstream segment to the downstream, within what is known as the midmarket multi-core.