NAFLEX Labor Inclusion

28 March 2019

Inclusión Laboral en NAFLEX

In our quest to provide labor opportunities to underprivileged sectors in our society while complying with our objective of being a socially responsible company that generates high levels of commitment among its contributors, we established a new strategy:

“To include for the for the first time in Grupo Cuprum at least one person with a disability in the 2018 Naflex Business Unit”.

With the support of DIF CREE an analysis was done to understand what types of deficiencies we could bring attention to, and which were compatible with each one of our work posts (visual, auditory, motor or intellectual). After analyzing all the options, we were recommended by DIF to hire a person with an auditory disability.

A workshop was implemented to all Naflex plant personnel with the objective of bringing awareness to all the types of disabilities that exist, their struggles, as well as the way of how to treat and respect disabled people. This workshop was in the plant and played an important role in the project’s result.

The next step was interviewing the 6 potential candidates that DIF recommended to us. Each was interviewed by our Operations department AT, EHS y R.R.H.H. All this with the aid of expert interpreter in sign language. After 6 months of work, for the first time 2 people with auditory disabilities were incorporated into Grupo Cuprum.