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One of Grupo Cuprum’s strategic objectives is to conduct itself in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. Hence, our Sustainability Strategy is conformed of three pillars that represent the simultaneous creation of environmental , social and economic values resulting through our way of conducting business.

We seek to ensure our operation comply with environmental regulatory requirements and certify ourselves in practices that improve production efficiency, environmental performance an competitiveness.


We seek to ensure our operation comply with environmental regulatory requirements and certify ourselves in practices that improve production efficiency, environmental performance an competitiveness.


We aim to use energy resources responsibly and to evolve to the use of cleaner and more efficient sources through:

A diversified portfolio of technology and energy sources that reduce our environmental footprint.

Strategies to reduce energy consumption in terms of production. We currently have goals and iniatives to reduce electric energy, gas and water consumption.


Our goal is to reuse and recycle as much waste, resulting from special handling, as possible and ensure a responsible waste management in accordance with security standards and environmental responsibilities.

Thanks to our continuous recycling program, we were able to recycle 677 tons of PET, paper and carton in 2016.  In environmental terms, that is equivalent to approximately:

5,960,000 KwH

17,880 m³
water saved

trees saved

Tons of CO₂ avoided


We monitor our operations’ direct and indirect greenhouse gases emissions. As of 2012, Grupo Cuprum forms parts of the GEI Mexico Program which voluntarily evaluates records and reports its greenhouse gases.

We contribute to generate a positive social impact by acting responsibly where we operate and at the same time we encourage and seek the wellness and quality of life of our people.

Our people

Given our environment needs, we promote our workers and their families’ quality of life and as a result BIENESTAR X MI was born in 2016. This institutional program aims to provide information and promote practices that allow our workers to achieve an optimum state of physical, psychological and social well-being.  Through this initiative we contribute to our workers and their families’ wellness and we commit to our strategic objective to attract, develop and retain human resources to guarantee the businesses growth and continuity.  Bienestar X MI encompasses the following four branches of comprehensive development:



Promotes recreational activities that support our workers and their families cultural development.

Life Style

Seeks to create self-awareness that allows work-life balance.


Provides tools to improve personal financial capabilities among employees


Carries out campaigns that encourage healthy lifestyles and promote prevention of health conditions.

In 2016, we conducted 22 activities that made an impact on 3,400 people by providing them tools and knowledge that changed their habits in a positive way and improved their work-life balance.

Our Communities

We seek to create a positive social impact in the communities we are part of by acting responsibly in our business operation and by forming better citizens that engage in volunteering and social activities.

We guide our workers and their families’ time and talent towards supporting three causes:


Objective: To raise populations’ cultural and educational levels.


Objective: To encourage environmental care and conservation.

Support for
Vulnerable Groups

Objective: To equip people in vulnerable conditions with knowledge and tools that improve their quality of life.

2016 Social Responsibility results:



The number of direct beneficiaries does not include those benefiting from the environmental initiatives

We aim for developing profitable and efficient business in a responsible way through value generation and the exchange of good practices in our supply chain as well as with other agencies and institutions.

Responsible Supply Chain

Through our value chain we encourage sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by exchanging successful practices with our customers and suppliers, these practices are aligned to our Code of Ethics and to Cuprum’s sustainability requirements.

Through our Suppliers’ Guide we mainly communicate quality and production matters, including those related to sustainability and social responsibility, motivating them to adopt good practices.

Alliances and Strategic Partners

We create synergies with agencies and institutions that strenghten our social, economic and environmental value. We participate in forums that allow us to increase knowledge, improve sustainability practices and enable us to be recognized as a social and responsible company.

  • We are partners of important international organizations, such as The Aluminum Association.
  • Nationwide we are part of CESPEDES board by CCE
  • In Nuevo Leon we hold meetings with the Council of the Environmental Protection Institute of CAINTRA, we also share experiences with the State Manufacturing Cluster (CLAUT and CLELAC). At the same time we collaborate with the Monterrey Water Fund.